1909 Kitchen Designs

1909 is a beautiful shaker style painted kitchen with a timeless quintessentially British feel. The range is designed in Britain and is not only graceful but practical too. The doors are crafted from smooth grained timber and have a smooth hand sprayed finish. 1909 is available in a choice of 24 stunning colours and is finished with classic butt hinges. There are three different door styles to chose from within the range; half pencil and scalloped- the most detailed of the three doors, quarter round- with simple beading, and thirdly the classic shaker. Beautifully balanced and effortlessly stylish, the 1909 range of kitchens would be an elegant addition to any home.

Colour Pallet:

1909 Alabaster1909 Willow1909 Trench Coat Grey1909 Suede1909 Stone1909 Slate1909 Sage1909 Porcelain1909 Partridge Grey1909 Parchment White1909 Morris Blue1909 Moleskin1909 Linen1909 Ivory1909 HArtforth Blue1909 Flint Grey1909 Damson1909 Cranberry1909 Cornflower1909 Copse Green1909 China Blue1909 Charcaoal1909 Chalk1909 Almond